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world championships mammoth journey begins part 1



Finally the time has come to begin our expected long and difficult journey…destination ‘Chelyabinsk, Russia’. Here our young City West gun, Bailey Lewis will represent his family, club and country at the WORLD TAEKWONDO CHAMPIONSHIPS, fighting in U/54kgs men’s division. As with all major challenges in life, we plan ahead with the intention of making our task easier and more successful. But how does one make ‘easier’ travelling approx 13,002 kms, including 4 plane flights, over an expected 30 hour duration??? all the whilst wanting to arrive fresh and motivated to compete at the highest level of competition in 7 days time!

CWT Members log onto on MEMBERS ONLY section and read Frank’s article on “Acclimitization Strategies to avoid Jet Lag.”

Maree (Mum), Malcom (Dad) and Bailey arrived to pick up Coach Frank from home at 11:45pm Tuesday. After a quick 30 minute drive to Tullamarine Airport the boys checked in, converted some monies to Russian rubles, which felt great as for every dollar of Australian currency they got 32 rubles…leaving our boys with just 5 minutes to get through customs. Close call but thankfully it was the middle of the night; CWT boys were well lit up in bright green/gold National Team wear and of course, the airport was empty!

Then once through, our boys caught up with fellow Aussie athlete Chynea Lang (Titans TKD) and Aussie coaches Lydia Zakkas (MTC) and Shane Whiteway (Whiteways TKD) at a quiet lounge next to the boarding gate. These 5 self titled “A Team” chilled and chattered, finalling boarding a Boeing 777-300ER at 2:10am. Take off was at 2:40 am, which sounds like a bad time to travel, but as predicted this worked out perfectly for us.

2:40am AUS time is 9:40pm RUSS (Chelyabinsk) time as there is a 5 hour time difference. This is the new time our boys’ body clocks need to adjust to for sleeping. Also as the flight was a “pickup” flight at Kular Lumpa the plane was only half full. Frank requested spaced seats at the back of the plane and the boys slept most of the first leg of 8 hours until safely landing in KL Malaysia at 10:40am our time but more importantly 5:40am Russian time.

After a 45 minute stop over, collecting more passengers and refueling the plane, the second flight began and this time the boys stayed awake, enjoying a hearty breakfast on the flight and watching movies for the approx 6 and a half hour flight to Dubai International Airport.

Pictured here is the “A team” (R-L) Shane, Chynea, Bailey, Frank and Lydia just after getting off the plane at Dubai International Airport.




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