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mini stars

Age Group 5 – 7 years

"MINI-STARS" program is a fun and educational children's program exclusive to young students at City West Taekwondo. It is our youngest aged program, catering specifically for children in early primary school years, starting from Grade Prep through to Grade 2.

Created by club founder, Mr Frank De Pasquale, Mini Stars is a comprehensive children’s program that introduces Taekwondo in a safe and friendly environment. Students are exposed to the art of self-defence, teaching them all about the human anatomy; self-awareness, and how it applies to self-protection. Classes are conducted by qualified Black Belt Instructors and promote independence, leadership skills, discipline and self-control, problem solving strategies and team work.

This Program runs twice a week for one hour per session. Students are required to attend both sessions to attain the full benefits of our teachings. Mini Star classes are separated between Beginner (White Belt – 9th Gup), Intermediate (Orange Belt – 8th Gup) and Advanced (Green Belt – 7th Gup) levels.

Long term, following successful completion of the comprehensive Mini Stars Program, students graduate to our Juniors Program, where their martial arts journey continues, as competent junior Blue Belts (6thGup). 

The Mini Stars Program is designed to encourage our younger members to become more self-aware, confident and independent, which supports them as they develop and grow.

We invite parents to come and view our classes, enjoy the friendly club atmosphere and to share in your child’s development.

For more information about the "Mini Stars" Program or to find out how to enrol, we invite you to contact us today!


Orange Belt:

Green Belt:




We encourage the Taek-curious to come and see for themselves, maybe then take up a no-obligation trial period before joing our community club.