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joining us

City West Taekwondo is a community sports club that specialises in the Korean martial art of Taekwondo.

Our full-time headquarters are conveniently located at 111 Elm Park Drive, Hoppers Crossing and we have four part-time facilities based in local Schools at Manor Lakes, Ngarri, Seabrook and Point Cook. City West Taekwondo continues to set the highest standard of martial arts throughout Melbourne and Country Victoria’s Western Region.    

Our teaching staff are qualified Senior Blackbelt Instructors, trained in first aid and hold the relevant national coaching accreditations. Our club proudly offers many training programs, including age specific Taekwondo classes for our young Mini-Stars (5yrs-7yrs), Juniors (8yrs-13yrs) and Seniors (14yrs & over), as well as separate classes for new Beginners groups each term.  

Our aim is to make your experience with us a happy and positive one, and we will always ensure you receive the most up to date information including class timetables, trial periods, events and memberships.

Below is a brief outline of our joining process and what you can expect when you visit with us: 


Our timetable is designed to give you every opportunity to watch a class before actually starting and we offer day and night classes. Once you have decided which class best suits you and your family, it’s simply a matter of coming down to watch that class.

If your inquiry is for a young child, it is imperative that your child comes along too. Most young children need to see Taekwondo first hand, to disassociate any preconceived ‘ninja turtles’ type martial arts notion they might have.

Beginner groups are offered four intake periods each year, and these coincide with the beginning of the Victorian School term.


Once you have been down to watch a class and decided that you want to join us, you will need to pay a non-refundable holding deposit to secure your spot in the next intake. Once the deposit has been received, we will then confirm your placement in the next available intake and inform you of the exact start date and time.


A maximum 4-week trial period is offered, which gives you the opportunity to experience the sport without any upfront obligation or commitment. Your holding deposit will cover your first two lessons of the program and a casual training fee will apply from your third lesson onwards, until the end of your 4-week trial. 


During your first week of the beginner’s program, you will receive a student membership form to be completed, should you wish to become a registered member at City West Taekwondo. Our team will explain to you that this form needs to be returned, signed by you (or a guardian) together with payment of your membership fee by the end of your 4-week trial period. Membership is a once off process at City West Taekwondo. It has no expiry term and requires no annual renewal. Student membership is compulsory at the end of the trial period and no student will be permitted to train beyond the trial period without registered club membership.


Taekwondo Australia is recognised as the national sports body for Taekwondo in Australia. As our official governing body, it requires we register and insure with them all of our sports members within Australia.

The club provides beginners with temporary insurance cover for the first 4 weeks of the trial program however, this temporary cover expires at the end of the no-obligation trial period. This is why student membership registration and insurance is compulsory at the end of the trial period, to ensure that each member has appropriate insurance cover at all times. Your insurance payment is due upon joining, along with your club membership, and your insurance renewal and registration is required to be paid annually thereafter, as you continue learning Taekwondo. This cost is nominal and varies slightly from year to year. The standard period of Insurance cover is from 1st February of one year until the 31st January following year.

We can provide you a copy of the relevant insurance policy at any time upon your request at our centre at any time. 


You will need to wear something comfortable such as track pants and a t-shirt when you first start out. For safety reasons we recommend the removal of jewellery at all times (ie. earrings, rings and necklaces etc). Regular shoes are not permitted on the training mats. It is preferred that students train bare foot to help condition feet and develop good foot technique.

Once you have successfully completed the trial period, you may purchase a club uniform (dobok) from our centre.


As a registered club member, you have the option to pay for training fees either casually as you go, or monthly in advance. We offer a monthly discounted rate exclusively to registered student members, giving you unlimited training access each month according to our timetable. Also, a further family discount applies for subsequent family members that join our club.


In order to ensure student safety and the smooth running of the club, student and staff members of City West Taekwondo must all times adhere to and abide by the Manner Code of City West Taekwondo, otherwise this will void your terms of membership and affiliation with the club.

While this information is designed to give you an overview of what to expect, our team are only too happy to go through all of the information with you here in the centre or chat over the phone and answer any questions you may have. 

For more information, or to begin your enrolment, we invite you to give our team a call today.
We look forward to you joining the City West Taekwondo family! 




We encourage the Taek-curious to come and see for themselves, maybe then take up a no-obligation trial period before joing our community club.