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world championships are we there yet


DAY 1 (Part 2)

WITH near 5 hours to spare during this stop over it was time to explore the Dubai Airport.

It’s BIG is a small understatement! Perhaps to indicate how big, consider we landed at Terminal B and needed a ten minute train ride to get to Terminal A. Apparently Terminal C is a 20 minute ride in the opposite direction!

Shops were great, lots of variety of goods and foods. Not surprisingly, some big price tags too! After a few hours walking around Bailey decided to chill out. Pictured right our seasoned8 traveller…to think in the past 2 years he has competed at US Open in Las Vegas USA (Feb 2014), Commonweath Championships in Scotland (Nov 2014) winning gold, and now off to the Worlds in Russia….WOW!

Mean while Frank headed off to a quiet Thai Restaurant with coaches Shane and Lydia to discuss plans and tactics for the Championships and access free wi-fi to catch up on emails.

At 5:50pm (Dubai time) the A-team caught up with another group of Aussie team members that flew in from Sydney. Team Manager Andrew Pratley, AIS Scientist Michael Maloney, Head of Team Mr Young Youl Oh, and heavy weight male fighter Peter Vassili.

Our new group of 9 boarded another Emirates Boeing 777-300ER aircraft. Unfortunately as expected this one was full meaning a less comfortable flight for the next 5 hours until landing at Domodedovo International Airport, Moscow, Russia at 12:55am Chelyabinsk time.

Again a quick pass through customs, and smooth luggage collection. 2 hour stopover and back onto the plane. This time, 4th and final flight with local carrier, Siberian Air, sporting rich green colored planes. Seats were tight and again another full flight. Both Bay and Frank slept the final 2 hour and 45 minute flight. Landing was smooth in Chelyabinski, fatigued but relieved that our Boys had landed safe and sound 4:40am Chelyabinkski time (9:40am Melbourne time). Awesome!




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