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cwt amazing start 2017

CWT Amazing Start 2017

AMAZING START to the tournament year for City West Taekwondo, competing in 4 competitions so far this year and it’s only March for goodness sake. Fantastic to see everyone doing so well, so early into 2017 Tournament Program. Very proud of you all!

First off, a fun and rewarding getaway up to ‘a warmer than usual’ Canberra for National Team Selections for the 2017 World Taekwondo Championships and Korean Open  Event. What a fun weekend with a great bunch, watching our boys mixing it up with Australia’s best, including AUS Olympians. Top efforts by all three CWT fighters – Maroun narrowly beaten first fight in golden point round (17:18); Adrian winning first fight comfortably but losing Final to Safwan; and Bailey gapping both his opponents to take out his division. Hence Adrian selected for upcoming Korean Open and Bailey for Senior Worlds!

Then off to Europe, chasing G1 experience and those valuable world ranking points as Frank and Bailey took on Europe’s best fighters, first at Dutch Open and later at Belgian Open. Entering the competition Bailey ranked 4th at Dutch Open and 5th at Belgian Open, qualifying him for byes in the first rounds of competition. Advantage of world ranking points gave our boys opportunity to study fights and put strategies into play, ready for game time! First fight (Round of 16) Bay beat Dimitrov of Modolva 33:28. Second fight (Quarter Finals) he beat Ancharad of Nederlands 28:12; Semi Finals Bailey was beaten by  Magomedov of Azerbaijan 30:37 earning international Bronze. No surprise that Azerbaijan went on to win Gold.

At Belgian Open, first fight (Round of 16) Bailey beat Badanin of Belarus 27:7; second fight (Quarter Finals) he beat Laachraoui of Belgium 25:4; Semi Finals Bailey lost to Dimitrov of Modolva 28:34, taking out another Bronze for Australia. CONGRATULATIONS BOYS! Brilliant efforts by our dynamic duo. Although both well aware results could have easily turned Gold if we had more experience on the KP&P electronic scoring system readily used in the European tournaments.

Meanwhile back home, we had our own live station with excitement and adrenalin continuing same weekend at State Netball & Hockey Stadium, as Victorian Moomba Open staged its first state event of the year. With over 550 competitors and a shortage of referees and judges, it was always going to be a trying day for patience and perseverance.  But full credit to our super competent coaches Adrian (head sparring) and Carla (head poomsae) for taking perfect care of our Tournament Team. With special thanks to all our coaches helping out at Moomba especially Adrian, Joe, Rachael, Maroun, Daniel, Liam, Abbey, Carla, Danieka and Jemimah. Wonderful team effort showcasing solid leadership, respect and support for one another…made us the standout club in the absence of our head instructor and club manager. WAY TO GO TEAM!

Of course as far as competition went, brilliant effort and performances by both our talented – poomsae and sparring squads. Great work everyone – athletes, coaches and families in support, representing the club with honour and pride; wearing your heart on your sleeves in bright orange club tshirts…perfect start to the 2017 competition year. CONGRATULATIONS TEAM!!!


GOLD – Jois, Daphne, James, Keira, Alicia, Ashlee, James/Tayla, Eckley; Maroun, John, Liam, Jacob, Aidan, Lleyton, Ruby

SILVER – Tayla, Chloe, Dillon, Wani, Grigg; Baran, Sienna, Daniel

BRONZE – Grace, Annakita, Wana, Inaya, Markovski; Rachael, Brendan, Lars

AND next term we’ll have more competitions to look forward to with NZ Open on 12-14 May, Vic Autumn Open Championships on 4 June, and of course the Senior World Championships in Korea from 24-30 June, as well as Korean Open on 2-7 July. BEST WISHES to all our athletes and coaches in pursuit of sporting excellence.

PLEASE NOTE we are currently seeking any Expressions of Interest to attend NZ Open from both our Poomsae & Sparring Teams. This is a G2 ranked event for our elite senior blacks pursuing precious world ranking points. Coloured belt competition is also available for those keen to compete internationally to gain experience. NZ Open will take place in Auckland and we are currently looking into team travel and accommodation. So if you’re serious about your training and keen to experience some international competition, this is your opportunity to grow. DON’T DELAY…respond now!

That round about wraps up Term 1. STAY TUNED for all further developments like MTC’s upcoming Invitational Championships 21st May, Vic TKD Championships 4th June and Sydney Taekwondo Festival 11-12th June…




We encourage the Taek-curious to come and see for themselves, maybe then take up a no-obligation trial period before joing our community club.