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Name: Rebecca Stiegler

Year of Birth: 1983

Martial Arts History:

Joined City West Taekwondo 1999. Attained 1st Dan Blackbelt 2001(Kukkiwon), 2nd Dan Black Belt 2002(Kukkiwon), 3rd Dan Black Belt 2004(Kukkiwon) and 4th Dan Black Belt 2007 (Kukkiwon). 5th Dan Black Belt 2012 (Kukkiwon) Promoted to City West Tkd Teaching Staff 2002.

Current Rank: 6th Dan Blackbelt


  • Malaysian Open Silver Medalist 2004.
  • Victorian Black Belt Poomse Champion 2004.
  • Australian Championships Silver Medal Black Belt 2003.
  • Australian Red Belt Champion 2000, 2001.
  • City West Taekwondo – 2000 Club Poomse Champion.
  • City West Taekwondo – 1999 Most Improved Senior Award.

Other Qualifications:

  • Master of Science (Nutrition and Dietetics).
  • Accredited Practicing Dietitian.
  • Level 1 NCAS (National Coaching Course).
  • Level 1 First Aid.
  • Emergency Asthma Management Course 2002.
  • WTF Poomse Standard 2004

Special Interests:

  • Taekwondo Competition (Poomsae & Fighting)
  • Sports Nutrition.


  • CWT Instructor for Mini-Stars Program
  • CWT Instructor for Junior and Seniors Programs
  • CWT Tournament Team Coach (Sparring & Poomse)
  • CWT Demo Team Instructor




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