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Name: Bailey Lewis

Year of Birth: 1997

Martial Arts History:

I began Taekwondo in 2003 at the age of 5 at City West Taekwondo after seeing a demonstration at a local fete and taking interest into the sport.  As I progressed through the ranks I took an interest into the sparring aspect of Taekwondo and was able to join the junior fight team. However, I did not always stand out as a talented fighter amongst the team, but with great team mates, coaches and smart discipline training I was able to work my way up to being a world ranked athlete.   As of May 2017 reaching 20th WTF World ranking in the under 54kg division. Along with sparring on the world circuit I take a special interest in building the next generation of City West Taekwondo fighters in skills and knowledge.  

Current Rank: 1st Dan Blackbelt

Awards:       (International)

  • 2014 Junior Commonwealth Championships GOLD
  • 2015 Senior World Championships (2nd Round)
  • 2015 Serbian Open (G1) BRONZE
  • 2016 Presidents cup Oceania (G2) BRONZE
  • 2016 Oceania championship (G2) GOLD
  • 2016 US Presidents Cup (G2) GOLD
  • 2017 Belgium open (G1) BRONZE
  • 2017 Dutch open (G1) BRONZE
  • 2017 NZ open (G2) BRONZE

Awards:       (National)

  • 2014 National champion
  • 2015 National champion
  • 2016 National champion
  • Undefeated in my respective division (-54kg)
  • Multiple State Championship Titles
  • CWT Fighter of the year 2014-2016

Other Qualifications:

  • Oceania Taekwondo Union Coach Accreditation
  • Kukkiwon 1st Dan Blackbelt
  • Working with Children Check

Special Interests:

  • Travelling the world (Through Competitions)
  • Video editing and production  (Youtube)


  • CWT Junior & Development fight team coach
  • University Student (Bachelor of Exercise Science & Psychology)




We encourage the Taek-curious to come and see for themselves, maybe then take up a no-obligation trial period before joing our community club.